Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hello Friends,

Where shall I begin? There are so many new things to talk about at Shopsicle.

We've taken on some fantastic new resources. Very exciting. I can't wait to get your reactions. Check us out. You don't have to buy a thing. We just want to make sure you are enjoying Shopsicle. We want to hear your feedback. Email us, or comment in this blog. We are genuinely interested in your thoughts. Tell us how we are doing, and how we can do it better. We have wonderful plans for the near future, but can implement only a few things at a time. So stick with us as we grow. And growing for us, includes helping to make your lives better.

Do you mind if I spend some time ranting? Yes, I need to vent.

One of the reasons Karen and I invented Shopsicle, is to prove that life still exists for the aesthetically deprived consumer. You and I are deprived. Have you walked through a department store lately? There was a time when I had to be disciplined to walk through our major department stores. I wanted everything! It was a thrill. Now, I don't bother going into a store, unless I have to. Sorry, but that's the truth. Ugh! Too basic, too gray. Feels disinterested and uninteresting. You've gotta feel it too.

Here's the good news. Well designed utilitarian objects still exist. As usual, some of the best is coming from Milan, Italy. And some is coming from Scandinavia. Art lives! Forward thinking, cutting edge design is yours for the taking. A can opener can be a can opener, or it can be art. A toaster can be art. The designer version functions better than the mass market version. Will you have to pay more for it. In most cases, yes. But in most cases, the beautiful object is made with a high quality standard and it will last for years and years.

At Shopsicle, we ascribe to million-dollar thinking for a $20. object.

We are representing great design and quality at every price level. You will see an object for $40,000 and a gift for $10. What is always constant however is: uniqueness, beauty, and quality. Our emphasis is good design, at all price levels.

We have shopped the market and are showing you the accessories, furnishings, and gifts that we would want to own, ourselves. Designers' choice.

Don't miss our collection of authentic Persian rugs. Prices are astounding! We also represent some gorgeous modern designer rugs.

Visit our articles library for answers to many of your decorating questions.

Have a good time inside.

Karen and I wish all of you a happy spring and a wonderful holiday. Cheers! Joan