Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hi Everybody,

Hanging my head in shame for not blogging in a while. Hope you have all been well.

As for myself, I have been in school learning marketing and technical Internet things, talk about going opposite one's type. I assure you that I am no geek, and this has been a fascinating adventure for me. Don't tell anyone, but I confess that it is fun. Uh oh, it's out. Maybe I'm becoming a geek. What an idea! There is so much to learn. After all is said and done, I hope this education will give me the tools to be even more effective in bringing you all the latest, cutting edge home accessories, and valuable home design information. It is our purpose at Shopsicle to educate and inspire people, and assist in bringing more beauty into everyone's life. Write to us with your requests. We want to serve you better. That's what we are all about. Don't be shy.

We just introduced a new resouce at Shopsicle. I think you're going to love it. It is a find!... A resource for gorgeous Persian rugs: new, vintage, and antique, authentic unique Persian rugs, at such a tremendous savings that buying one is something you almost have an obligation to do. We can't believe the prices. Wait till you see. You have been writing to us, asking us for cost effective, high quality, "high taste" products for your home, and we have been listening.

Those of you who have gotten to know me a little, know that I am passionate about oriental rugs. Crazy, Wild, Gaga passionate. What other feature in your home can provide comparable, exqusite beauty, warmth, durablity, livability, and can be passed on to the generations that follow? Yes, maybe some furniture, or jewelry, but nothing equals the impact of a beautiful rug in your room.

Now we all have the opportunity to own one of a kind, hand knotted rugs for the price of a machine made broadloom. Come on in and take a look for yourselves. our rug collection

We are also introducing other spectacular resources for home accessories. I will keep you well informed as it happens.

Meanwhile, all my best to you for a magical year!

Warm regards,