Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hi Folks,

Have you all been watching the Olympics? I am not what you'd call a passionate sports enthusiast, with one exception: The Olympics! I love the games! The athletes from every nation inspire me. It's human beings at their best. I learn so much from them about being the best you can possibly be at the moment, and performing with a cool head under pressure. Also, there seems to be an unspoken respect that the athletes have for one another. It's clear, they are celebrating and challenging one another. Great sportsmanship. It transcends nationalities. Of course, I root hard for my own American teams. Whenever our national anthem is played, my eyes well up with pride. If I were on the podium, I know I would have tears streaming down my cheeks. After all, isn't that the fun of competion? That being said, it's thrilling to see the brilliance of all great athletes, whether they are home grown or not. The Olympic games are a stage for human excellence.

It strikes me with interest and curiosity how we humans are so alike, yet unique in our expressions. With the world getting smaller and smaller, due to the internet and global economy, I fervently hope that individuality is never lost. I love the difference between nationalities. I love that we all speak a different language, have a different culture and the freedom to determine what that language and that culture is. What seems to be happening all over the world is troubling to me. The US and Europe and Australia too, seem to be flooded with foreigners who want to impose their ways and beliefs on their host countries. Intolerable. Illegal. Immoral. Disgusting hubris. How did it get started? Have we all been asleep? I am not wanting to get political in my blog, but it is a problem of mega proportions that has me mega concerned and angry. In my view, if you want to become a citizen of my country, do it legally, and assimilate our culture. We have no intention or desire to assimilate yours. If you prefer your native culture and religion, then stay in your native country. It's a voluntary process. No one extended an invitation. Respect who we are, or get out.

Other than that folks, I feel friendly and welcoming to everyone. May the spirit of the Olympics prevail where there are different nationalities, sharing cultures with respect for other people and their customs.

As always, though maybe a bit angrier,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I so share your feelings. I'm also angry. My family and friends have been thoroughly frustrated by the pouring in of illegal aliens of every description. Why bother with laws? If one of the presidential candidates wants my vote, they'd better put up tall borders. Time for the Martians to land!


2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree.

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on!

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What amazes me is that it is considered politically incorrect to speak up for your rights as a citizen of a nation that has put laws in effect to be obeyed by everybody. I respect you for saying it plain and simple.

Jeff D

7:24 AM  

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