Saturday, May 05, 2007

Welcome to May!

Are you either starting a home business or growing a going one? If so, then have you designed the office space in your home to be both functional and healthy for you: your back, your eyes, your hands and legs, and your spirit? In other words, is your office/work area ergonomically thought out?

A good orthopedically correct desk chair will benefit you in ways you haven't even considered, especially if your back is in decent condition right now. The years to come will either reward you with a healthy strong back if you take good care of your back now, or may result in an unnecessarily painful outcome due to improper body alignment by not being attentive to what you sit on.

It is the stresses we place on our bodies that cause "breakdowns" such as: chronic lower back pain, shoulder and neck aches, headaches, and carpal tunnel problems.

I have been a designer for many years and suffered from constant lower back pain from sitting on any old chair, slumped over a drawing table, and not taking frequent breaks to move around. My chiropractor will tell you that I have been good for his business. Would have been much easier, less painful, and less expensive to invest in an ergonomically correct "good" chair for my desk and drawing table.

You will be spending long hours at your desk. Be kind to yourself. Get a good chair, provide proper lighting, put your file in a place where you don't have to contort your body to reach it: better to stand up and walk to the file than to twist. Put a flower on your desk and go for it.

Invest in one of our spectacular ergonomically correct designer chairs. In my opinion, if you can manage it, one of these chairs is a necessity, not a luxury

Visit to see the great things that we are featuring for the office. Give particular attention to the chairs. Click "home accents" in the left column on the home page, then click "home office".

Here's to your prosperity and to your health! As always, Joan


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I purchased one of Shopsicle's desk chairs last Christmas. Was nervous about it because I couldn't sit in it first. But the description convinced me so I did it and I love it. You are so right. Now I can be at my desk for long days and my neck doesn't tighten up. I have to fight everyone at the office. when I get up to get something they all sit in it.
Doug L., El Paso TX

4:47 PM  

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