Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hi everyone, It's Joan again. New beginnings abound. We're getting Shopsicle ready for February. We're in the process of changing our home page, and introducing some great new accessories. We appreciate your patience.

By the way, it makes us very happy to hear from you, so please email us your suggestions and thoughts. If you have a design query, feel free to ask for our opinions as well. We want to be as informative as possible answering your home design questions. If there is a subject you would like for us to address in our articles and newsletters, just let us know. Email us at saloomey@shopsicle.com or simply add a comment to this blog. Have a wonderful day. Joan


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you tons for the information you forwarded to us re: the window treatments. I took your advice and they look GREAT. Now I have a question about the guest room. I'll email it to you. Hope I'm not a pest. Your the greatest! RTB

2:42 PM  

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