Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dear HH,

The answer is yes, if you don't count the ice cream, the lemon cake, the hot chocolate with whipped cream. Should I go on? I discovered a charming little tea room nearby that is very Victorian with chandeliers and roses. I had to experience the tea cakes, didn't I? What is high tea without some cake? So now I've been found out. Well, other than that, I've been pretty good. Tonight, it's salmon and broccoli. Grapefruit for dessert. Good food combining. I have one big vice and it is an ice cream addiction. But I'm getting better. Haven't touched the stuff in a week. Sometimes that's the way it goes, one week, then two, then a month, then two months. You really shouldn't completely cut out the things you love. If you do, then where's the fun? My mom used to say "everything in moderation". Yeah, right. HH, how are you doing? What are your resolutions? Gotcha!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't blame you. HH

12:58 PM  

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