Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dear Friends,

The holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving is over and we hope you all had a great time. Our day was quiet, with family, good food, good conversation, and much needed calm. Sometimes, when whole families get together, sadly, there isn't much peace because of all the personalities and egos in one room wanting to be heard. Grateful that we are all very compatible in my family except when we talk politics, so we avoid that topic whenever possible.

Christmas and Channukah are just around the corner. I was shopping for groceries today and did my usual nosey observation of fellow shoppers. I try not to be rude, though as a marketer and retailer, this is one way I do my homework. I need to know what folks like to buy. Really wish people would forego most of the junk food. I am an eager student of nutrition and a label reader, spending time over each item, evaluating if it is healthy or not. I usually end up putting things back on the shelf and heading for the produce section. But then, one wonders about that too. Promise you, I'm no saint. Can't walk by the ice cream freezer without picking up at least three different flavors, half gallon of each as long as one of them is coffee. I love to cook, am a "quasi" vegetarian (eat fish), and my shopping cart looks like I live with a family of rabbits who also likes olive oil and good bread.

Why am I talking about food when my websites are all about home design, art, and handbags? It's because it is all one thing. You can learn quite a bit about people by watching them shop for groceries. By their groceries you will know them. You can imagine their life styles and what gadgets and appliances they may need in their kitchens. If a person buys lots of nibbles, then they may watch sports or movies on TV. They may entertain their friends. They'll need a comfortable sofa, some pillows, comfortable chairs, and maybe even a popcorn machine. You can spot a cook too, just by the combinations of things in his/her shopping cart. That person probably buys professional cookware, dinnerware, good chocolate, wine and art.

Now don't be self conscious if you spot me in the grocery store. I'm harmless and have only the best of intentions: to cater to your shopping needs better and better. Now, if you don't want me to watch you shop, then email us about what you would like to see in our websites. We love to communicate with you and hear your thoughts.

Shopsicle and I wish you a beautiful holiday season. P.S. Don't forget to visit and see our fantastic fashion forward handbags. They make the best gifts. As ever, Joan


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