Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Want to share a few thoughts, a few ideas with you about ergonomics and bean bag chairs. Bean bag chairs have ergonomic qualities and are the cost effective way of supporting your body during times when you are away from your desk, "off hours". You can take your laptop and plop down on a soft cushy bean bag chair and work or play for hours without hurting your back or shoulders. You know what, this can be the next great idea for Starbucks. Can you just see all of those computer geeks sitting in bean bag chairs and drinking lattes?

If you enjoy TV and watching movies, a bean bag chair is kindlier to your back than a sofa. It's as if you're packed in soft styrofoam. Nothing is stressed. Well, I really enjoy sitting in these chairs, and use one to brainstorm. I write articles, make notes, make drawings, and meditate. Yes, they're perfect for meditating.

Just my thought for the day. Now off to have coffee with my sister. Have a great day everybody!

Cheers, Joan


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