Monday, September 17, 2007

Hello Everybody,

It's me again. The news is hot, no it's hot hot! We just opened Come in and take a look. We are so excited and happy to be doing this. We are carrying some really beautiful bags of high quality and style, but very fairly (reasonably) priced. Our collection is well thought out and we are providing a lot of fashion along with some classics, styles that are important in the workplace. Our bags are hand made of fine leather, some are made of high tech materials that are designed for people on the go, travelers, and people who must have their laptops with them at all times and want to keep them safe and secure. Along with leisure bags, we have included some handsome carrying cases for laptops and notebooks, and some egonomically designed backpacks for both men and women. Take a look at our briefcases and messenger bags too. We are offering gorgeous leather bags from Argentina. Argentinian leather is considered by many to be the best leather in the world. Are we including outrageous fashion? You'd better believe it, but certainly not with price tags of $48,000. We'd rather you spend that amount on your new BMW. So come on in and visit us. Contact us with your thoughts and suggestions. Remember, we are dedicated to our customers. Our customers' comfort and joy doing business with us is of major importance. We love TLC ourselves and we love to have fun. We want to include you in that. So, here's to your pleasure, and to all our fellow fashionistas. Welcome to handbag heaven!

As always, Joan