Monday, February 26, 2007

Hello Everyone,

I just returned from an Internet Marketing seminar in Boston. My head is reeling.

Our intention at Shopsicle is to be "state of the art", not only as design consultants and your very own "informed" personal shoppers, but also as "marketers" so that we can always bring you the best there is, the very best the market has to offer. Simply and easily.

These two days were exhilarating and soooooo inspiring. I came home with all kinds of ideas for services and products that will make your life more fun, better designed, and better informed.

I did manage to fit in some terrific dining. When it comes to seafood, Boston is the place. What a beautiful city too!

I am back at my desk today, preparing your March newsletter.

Friends, subscribe to our newsletters now, if you haven't already done it. You don't want to miss any issues, but especially the March issue if you have a home office, or are intending to make one.

To run a business efficiently, you need to be as organized as possible, and you need to have a plan that will save you time and money. A well designed plan complete with some labor saving tips will contribute largely to your success as an "at home" entrepreneur. So sign up now!

Have a great day. Joan