Monday, August 01, 2005

Hi Friends,

It's Joan again. .

Designing your home and picking out some nifty gifts may not be as challenging as being an astronaut in the space shuttle, but when pursued with heart and thought, it can make a big impact in your lives. It's called "the quality of living". What a mood enhancer! Nothing like it!

I love it when things are done well. Don't you? Think about visiting your friend for dinner. How does it feel when your friend takes the time to co-ordinate a table setting, in great colors, candles, and flowers, and prepares delicious food and something good to drink. It can be simple. But you always know when it's done with heart. You feel special and loved.

I want everyone to feel special and loved. Even eating dinner alone should be a celebration. No bachelor stlye for me, you know, right out of the pan. You and I deserve better.

"Gifting" is an art form that speaks volumes to the recipient. You don't have to re-mortgage the house to give a good gift. Think about the person you are "giving to". What would give them a thrill? Tailor your gift to that person so that they know you were thinking of them and of making them "happy". Nothing worse than a perfunctory gift. Don't do it. It sends a bad message, and it's boring. Better not to give a gift at all.

What would happen if you applied for a job, not knowing anything about the company that was interviewing you? Sincerely doubt you would be hired. Why, because you were showing a potential employer that any old company would suit you. And you were too lazy to do your homework.

My friend gave me a beautiful book of shells. He really tuned in to me. Figured out that I love shells. So, he came over with this huge book with great photographs of shells. Excellent gift. To wit, it's on my coffee table and I look at it often. I even read it.

Shopsicle is all about gifts that people want. We choose gifts and accessories that we ourselves would love to receive and would be proud to give. It's not about price.

No perfunctory gifts for us!

Have a great day.

I'll be back later. Joan


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Wish more people felt that way. Must say, my friends always make me feel special.

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